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About bureaucracy and procedures

I will explain my interpretation of terms first.

Procedures are terms of provisioning services, and Bureaucracy is an artificial filter for requesting those services.

In engineering, bureaucracy comes as an emergency measure where procedures aren't reasonable or established. Both bureaucracy and procedures are inevitable and are part of our day-to-day lives.

I will let you, reader, decide what is necessary bureaucracy, which one has fulfilled necessity and has to be removed in favor of a more straightforward procedure, and which is pure evil.

Engineering bureaucracy thrives in internal frameworks and platforms (whatever you use this term for) that engineer can't avoid using.

This sucks. Really-really sucks. But also inevitable.

My take is that any internal framework in the company's infrastructure should choose one of two ways:

  1. Be open: if it doesn't cover some of your specific needs, like add one specific type of file to the build process, you should be able to extend it and do it yourself.

  2. If not open, be like a good service, with the best support. It just happens if you ask to extend it to your specific needs. Quickly. Painless.

Those are reasonable procedures, and the opposite is unnecessary bureaucracy.


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